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Roof for a house is the same as a cap for a man during a cold winter day or an umbrella during a rain. Poor insulation of a roof is a waste of energy. Leaking roof – big losses. You can avoid all of that by properly selecting competent construction partners. We are a company that is engaged in the field of the roofing, we have two essential qualities that are needed for a proper laying of a roof, i. e. knowledge, accumulated through the long-term work experience in this field, and modern tools that help to perform the most complex works.

Our company lays new and restores old roofs. In this work it is very important to properly install roof ventilation and protection of the house from a precipitation. Aesthetic view of a roof is just as important. We are working with various roofing that we adapt by considering Your needs and specific project, and by offering the optimum solution. We are also performing tinning works. With our own equipment, we can bend the tin products on our own in our workshop or at the work site: this way we will easily adapt to the specific project and save Your time and money.




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