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When performing the internal finish of the building, we often glue tiles that are used to cover various surfaces: walls of commercial and residential premises, floors, pools and bathhouses. Tiles ensure high level of aesthetics and comfort, are functional and easily cleaned. They can have various colours and patterns, therefore they are easily matched to any interior.

When talking about Your project, we will hear out Your vision and we will try to implement it as accurately as possible. Bathroom is one of the most important zones of the house, where you must feel comfortably and pleasantly, therefore during the planing phase we will answer all of Your questions and we will find the best solutions.

After selecting the desired tiles, You can leave all the troubles, related to the tile gluing, to us. You will also have no need to look separately for a company that is performing plumbing works, as we can recommend our partners, who meet the high requirements of quality with whom we are working for many years.

The works that we perform

 Tile gluing



 Installation of bathroom furniture